When a student will be absent from school, parents should e-mail the classroom teacher first thing in the morning. Parents should also copy Michelle Martin in the front office at [email protected] or call Michelle Martin directly at 214-780-3304 prior to 9 am.

Excused Absences

An excused absence is defined as any absence:

  • Resulting from personal illness, illness or death in the family
  • In observance of a religious holiday
  • For a cause which may be determined to be uncommon or unavoidable by the principal or his designee

Parents are encouraged to schedule medical and dental appointments outside of school hours whenever possible or check with the teacher to determine the best time during the school day. A note from the doctor or dentist should be submitted to the school office immediately following a medical appointment relating to an absence.

Unexcused Absences

An unexcused absence is defined as any absence:

  • Which is not excused in accordance with the definition cited above
  • Those involving trips, college visitations, participation in non-school activities and other similar absences will be classified as unexcused in accordance with Education Code 21.035 

Students Leaving Early

For a student to be released prior to regular dismissal time:

  • A parent or guardian must request a student in person from the front office
  • Office staff will call the student to the office once the student is signed-out
Parents cannot request a student leave early by phone, email, or text. Parents are encouraged to notify teachers in advance if their student will be leaving early, however, students will not be sent to the office until a parent arrives. Authorization for any person other than the parent or legal guardian to check a student out during the school day must be made in writing.

Tardy Policy

Class begins at 8 a.m. Any student that arrives after 8 a.m., must first report to the office for a tardy slip. Students who arrive after 9 a.m., will be marked absent for the day unless they can provide documentation of a medical appointment that morning.

Makeup Work

No makeup work will be approved for absences resulting from activities of youth organizations such as scouts, Young Life, church, or other youth organizations. Absences for family trips taken for pleasure or recreational purposes will also be denied makeup privileges.

P.E. & Clinic Requests

Notes requesting an exemption from physical education (P.E.) activities, should be submitted directly to the PE teacher. Any information regarding illnesses, new medications, or special instructions should be given directly to the Nurse.