Electronic Report Cards

Report cards for all elementary schools will be available to parents through Skyward's Family Access.

To access your child's report card, log in to Skyward. Your login and password will be the same as that used for online registration. If you have forgotten your login and/or password, click on "Forgot your login/password?" below the Sign In button. This will walk you through the steps to retrieve your login and to reset your password.

Click on "Portfolio" to see your student's most recent report card and past report cards.

Student report cards are posted every nine weeks. We anticipate great annual savings in printing, labor and postage costs, not to mention "going green" as well! If you have any questions about how to access Skyward and/or viewing report cards, please contact Kim Shelton at 214-780-3305 or [email protected].

Click HERE to go directly to Skyward Family Access.