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School Hours

All Grades -  8:00am to 3:15pm

Students should arrive between 7:30 and 7:50 while staff members are on duty to supervise them. Students entering through the front doors near the office will sit in the auditorium. Students who use other entrances will wait in the hallway nearest the door they came in. At 7:50, all students will be released to go to their lockers and on to their classrooms. 

Students who arrive after 8:00, can only enter the building through the front doors near the office. These students are considered "tardy" unless they submit a note indicating they were late because of a medical appointment. Students who arrive after 10:00 am without a note from a medical provider are considered absent as far as district and state records are concerned. 

Pupils are expected to leave school each afternoon immediately after being dismissed. Crossing Guards are on duty for a reasonable length of time at designated intersections. Parents should require pupils to get home in a reasonable time after dismissal.

Please have an understanding with your child as to what he/she is to do on rainy days as to their method of getting home.

Thank you for helping to make our school a safe environment.