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All About Me

G'day! I am Mrs. Meck and I can't wait to begin our 2023-2024 kindergarten year together!
I am very excited to be starting my sixth year teaching at Hyer with our wonderful kindergarten team of teachers, students and parents. Both my daughters (Samantha, who is now a junior, and Elsa who is now a sophomore at HPHS) graduated from Hyer, so I feel we are a true Husky family!
However, we did not start out in Dallas. I am from Australia, and have lived and taught in Australia (Adelaide and Brisbane), Tokyo (Japanese is my second language) and Southern California, where my husband is from. I received my undergraduate degree from The University of Queensland, and my masters degree from Queensland University of Technology. 
When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy traveling, running, and reading.
I know we are going to have a great year of learning, fun, and I can't wait to welcome everyone to "Kinderville" in 2023-24!