January Heart At Work honorees announced

The HPISD Heart At Work Award, made possible through the HPEF William P. Clements, Jr. Endowment, allows the HPISD community to recognize and celebrate HPISD staff members for going above and beyond to serve students and their families. All employees of HPISD are eligible to be recognized for exhibiting "Heart At Work."
The district is proud to announce the January 2023 Heart At Work winners in recognition of their dedication to meeting the needs of children. Click here to view January Heart At Work photos. To submit an online Heart At Work form, click here. To learn more about Heart At Work, click here.
  • Maxine Nelson
  • Kristin Vernon
  • Tatiana Zvolanek
  • Bryan Smith
  • Sarah Bernet
  • Vaden Ellwanger
  • Roxanne Esparza
  • Laura Mosby
  • Hannah Reynolds
  • Alex Smith
  • Bryan Smith
  • Caylee Wagener
  • Karen Williams
  • Allison Barnes
  • Gretchen Von Ende
  • Grace Hendry
  • Kay Jones
  • Alley Lowery
  • Madelyn Marks
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Luminita Seagroves
  • Maria Lorena Escobedo
  • Aline Hernandez
  • Lucinda Maddox
  • Kennedy Sanders
  • Jenessa Brunette
  • Kendra Hagen
  • Jacqueline Holland
  • Terrence Lockett
  • Joseph Meeks
  • Kayla Meyers
  • Senor Miguel
  • Haley Moore
  • Kaitlin Dunleavy
  • Emily Green
  • Katrina Hall
  • Tim Vardell
  • Kristi Clark
  • Leann Graham
  • Ashley Martinez
  • David Turner
  • Kris Williams
  • Brooke Benedict
  • Daren Eason
  • Mackenzie Nutt
  • Sarah Reynolds
  • Michelle Shumate
  • Lisa Stiles
  • Rachel Talkington
  • Kelsie Tipping