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I can't  wait to see these finished narrative artworks inspired by artists Carmen Lomas Garza and Jacob Lawrence.  
Cakes, pies and donuts oh my!  Can't wait to see  what the students do to these pop art sculptures inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud. 

Fourth Grade Prints in Time

As one of the last classes in the current Hyer building, fourth graders collaborated to create the front elevation of the school. Students applied paint with fingertips to create the grass, landscaping, building and roof of Hyer. Finishing details were then added onto the fingerprints.

30” x 40” Acrylic Fingerprints on Canvas

Fourth Grade Molded Expression

Fourth graders each created a three inch square tile. Using texture tools and wooden carving sticks, students created geometric decorations for the tiles. After kiln firing the tiles, students colored the tiles with shoe polish in shades of brown before the final work was assembled.

Comprised of three 12” x 36” panels, 36” x 36” Clay Tiles on Canvas

Third Grade Pop Art

Third grade students studied complementary colors and patterns. Students then painted varying wooden sticks with simple patterns and lines. Each painted stick was assembled in a chevron pattern along with neutral colored sticks. The final work was finished with wax.

36” x 48” Tempera & Wood on Canvas with Wax

Second Grade Fluidity

Second graders studied Holton Rower, an American abstract painter who works with poured paint. Each class then created their own poured paint work in varying sizes. Every student poured or drizzled a small cup of paint onto the class canvas. As more paint was poured, the layers began to mix, filling the canvas with unique shapes and blending the colors together. After the work was dried, a resin coating was applied.

Comprised of 5 various sized panels, 36” x 36” Acrylic Latex and Resin

First Grade Chihuly Threads

First grade students collaborated to emulate the work of Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor. Chihuly took glass blowing to the next level, creating enormous works in vibrant colors including sculptures, chandeliers, and window decoration. His work is easily identifiable for the long organic shapes and fluted disks. Students mimicked Chihuly’s festive designs by coloring plastic film with vibrant colors. The plastic sheets were melted into organic forms and students attached additional plastic pieces, reminiscent of Chihuly’s elongated ceiling installations.

48” x 36” Plastic Film on Canvas

Kindergarten Kandinsky Dots

Kindergarten students collaborated to emulate one of Kandinsky’s most famous abstract paintings, Squares with Concentric Circles (1913). Students painted concentric circles and squares with tempera. The outlines of the individual pieces were stamped in black ink. Then, the completed squares were assembled onto a canvas and finished with resin. 

36” x 48” Multi-Media Collage and Resin