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All About Me:

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 Welcome to Hyer Art. As I start my 23rd year teaching, I am very excited to begin another year at Hyer.  When I am not teaching I enjoy painting and creating my own artwork. I also enjoy crafting, cooking, baking, building things, gardening and hanging out with my five dogs. I also enjoy volunteering and working with dog rescue groups.
I have a BA in Art Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  I have taught in the Sherman and Frisco school districts before coming to Hyer.   
My goal is to utilize my teaching and artistic abilities to help motivate and broaden children's knowledge of art and its significance in all aspects of their lives. I would like my students to experience the dynamic world of the visual arts by working with a wide variety of both two-and three-dimensional media. My goal is to expand their creative and manipulative skills as we work with the various media. We will be studying art and artists from different cultural and global backgrounds, as well as historical time periods. Art projects will often tie in with the concepts being taught in integrated curriculum, as the concepts often overlap. My students will also be learning the vocabulary of art, so they can better understand and interpret visual works.