Summer Lindsay » Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Third Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Third Grade Class

It's time for an amazing 2018-2019 school year in third grade (on the third floor) at Hyer!
We will have fun, work hard, and build great relationships over the next few months.
I always look forward to the beginning of the school year!
I will watch my third graders from last year grow as they head to fourth grade and anticipate getting to know the 2nd graders entering third. (:
It's going to be a great year DEEP IN THE HEART OF HYER!

Mrs. Summer Lindsay

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Welcome to 2019!

The kids and I wanted to bring in the new year with a "one word goal". We brainstormed things that we wanted to work toward this year and chose a word to represent our goal. This word is taped on our desks so that we may be reminded every day. Feel free to ask your child what their word is, and better yet, what's your word?! Happy New Year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the break with family and friends! 
I'm grateful and thankful for you all.

Red Ribbon Week Days

*Wear as much red as you can.
Each child will receive a signature
“red ribbon” that they may pin to their clothing each day this week.
FROM HEAD TO TOE, I’m Drug Free!
*Crazy Hair and Crazy Socks
TEAM Up Against Drugs!
*Wear your favorite team’s jersey or t-shirt.
Give Drugs the BOOT!
*Wear your favorite boots.
Show Your Hyer Drug Free Spirit!
*Wear your Hyer shirts/spirit wear.
Student Education
October 22nd at 9:45
HPMS Theatre students will perform a musical on making healthy choices and saying no to drugs.

October 26th at 8:00
Representatives from HPHS Student Council will distribute a signature “red ribbon” pencil to 3rd and 4th graders and reinforce the importance of making good decisions throughout school.

At Home Learning

Please use in order to successfully attain access to our online programs like Reflex Math, Pearson, and all other applications. This is the only site where students can log into these various programs. At school, we have these sites bookmarked. Feel free to do the same for home use.
Enjoy-Summer Lindsay


Great seeing everyone last night. Sorry if I did not get a chance to talk with you all. It's fast and furious, and lots to cover. Thanks for understanding.
Also, attached are the slides from the night. Hope these help.

Meet the Teacher

Hi to all! I can't wait to meet everyone tonight.
We have been working hard to prepare a GREAT year for you in third grade!
Let's get this awesome school year started.
See you from 6:30pm to 7:30pm tonight!

Dear Huskies,


The time has come for the Hyer Huskies to pack up and move on!  I know you will be moving and shaking (and laughing and playing) this summer too.  Yesterday, every student received a picture of me, your mascot, Balto.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A COPY!


Feel free to take pictures or selfies with it during your summer adventures whether that be on the beach, in the mountains, at the park or tucked away at your home.  Please share them as I like to keep up with my pack of Huskies!  I will share pictures of my summer preparations too!  


Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember that Huskies have pride, honor and spirit.  Have a wonderful summer and I can't wait to see you again on the first day of school as our journey continues!  Go Huskies!


Yours truly,



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