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Program Design

Please take a few moments to watch the following video explaining Talented and Gifted services in kindergarten. Our goal for our youngest students is to nurture their gifted potential and to provide experiences in which they learn and practice creative thinking skills.  We are building innovators in HPISD, and we’re starting with the youngest among us!


Talented & Gifted (TAG)

Students in second, third, and fourth grade who are identified for the TAG program are pulled out of the classroom and served in the TAG room.  Math classes are held daily for one hour during the classroom math time.  The students receive differentiated instruction that is accelerated and enriched.  The main curriculum for all three grade levels is Mentoring Mathematical Minds and Envision is used to support the gaps.  

The Explorations classes meet once a week for approximately two hours and students are provided a science, social studies, and language arts interdisciplinary curriculum.