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Welcome to our class! I am so thrilled to be a part of your child's journey and am looking forward to a wonderful year together!


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As you can see, we have had a fun last few weeks to wrap up the year! In science, we enjoyed making magnet racetracks to explore the various strengths and forces as well as incorporate problem solving with measurement and time. We have also had a third grade countdown which included things like Mustache Monday, STEAM Challenge Hour, and Minute To Win It Games, just to name a few. We've had beloved Kahoots, a favorite technology game, to review math and reading this last week. Of course there was Field Day, which is always an end of year favorite! And, to top it all off, a cotton candy science lab with the one and only Ms. Estill! What fun! It's been a great year, and we have ended it with some wonderful memories that will likely last long after. Thank you for sharing your sweet kids with me each day and for partnering with me to best serve them this year. It's been a great ride! Happy Summer!

Today we finished a fun project involving the design thinking process. Kids connected and empathized with a classmate by interviewing them about their morning and nighttime routines to in an attempt to find a problem their partner had they could help solve for them. For example, one problem was “My dog wakes me up too early in the morning!” After defining the problem, they came up with ideas of what they could invent that would help their partner. Then, they created a prototype of their invention and evaluated it to see if it worked and what they might change next time to improve their design. They shared their learning on Flipgrid and even made a reply video to thank their partner for their invention as well as comment with an idea about how they could continue or amend their design in order to further challenge their thinking. It was really fun to see the kids empathize with each other and work hard to create something to help someone else. What a great way to end the week!

The kids did such a great job of celebrating Earth Day yesterday, showing off the accessories they'd made and how they'd given new life to recyclable materials! They were creative and made everything from hats to necklaces to ponchos. Great job kids!

We had a fun afternoon yesterday exploring the properties and states of matter and how to change them! The kids competed in a "Melt the Ice Challenge" in our class, racing to change two ice cubes from solid to liquid using only their bodies and the floor. Kids came up with plans with their group members and we had everything from stomping on the ice to make smaller solids to melt to using friction to create extra heat energy to melt the ice cubes. They loved it! Then, we switched classes with Miss McGraw and they made Oobleck and explored the properties of this unique, slimy substance that acts like both a solid and a liquid. It was a fun afternoon of science and learning!
It's all about the Economics Fair this week! Kids have learned about responsible choices when it comes to spending and saving, lending and borrowing as well as what it means to be producers and consumers and make deposits and withdrawals. They are getting ready to put it all to good use at the Economics Fair on Friday. They've been working on their shop signs, flyers to advertise their shops, and creating commercials on Flipgrid. Next up, loans and paying rent for their shop space! 
Who had the rainy day recess blues today? Not our class! We finally got to break out the fabulous new games, many of which were bought with gift committee money thanks to our wonderful PTA! We are so grateful to them! The kids were so excited and, as you can see, had a great time. Bring on the rain!
We are having a blast with Genius Hour! Today, we explored the different types of geniuses and each child took a survey to discover what their unique strengths and talents are. They graphed their results and learned more about the genius in them and some possible areas they'd like to grow in. This will help them better identify which areas they might want to learn more about for their Genius Hour Projects. Ask your child what types of genius they are!
It may have been too cold to play outside for a good portion of last week, but that didn't dampen our spirits! The kids enjoyed getting out the steam bins as well as some other brain building games such as Code Hopper, Square Up, and Keva Planks and letting their creativity flow. It's so fun to see the amazing things they can come up with. A big thank you goes to our amazing PTA as well as several of these games were purchased through their generous gift committee. We are so fortunate to have their partnership in providing fun and engaging learning materials for our kids! 
Game Day was a success as you can clearly see! "Oh what fun" they had celebrating the holidays with an hour of games with their friends at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing your games with us. It truly was a day to remember!
The fun continues as we rotate through our holiday themed word work stations! The kids are having fun celebrating the season while working on important phonics skills and practicing their recognition of spelling patterns as well as high frequency words. Happy Holidays everyone!
It's been a busy week, but a fun and meaningful one! We capped off last week's inclusive schools celebration by celebrating the gift of reading and reading a book with friends from another class. We also participated in Hour of Code and fostered our learning of computer science and problem solving skills using some fun games that really were a hit with the kids! Then, we had the privilege of hearing from WFAA's Colleen Coyle yesterday! She spoke to the kids about weather and engaged them in some fun experiments and examples. She's truly as gifted a speaker as she is a meteorologist and we were so thankful to have her. She even gave us a shout out on the news! And in the spirit of the season, we have been celebrating 10 Days of Kindness, doing various activities to show kindness to others. These past couple days we have made cards for all the staff members who do so much for us in order to show our appreciation. We are having a blast in December and looking forward to 8 more days filled with fun and learning to wrap up 2017! 

We got to make a “movie” with stop motion animation today! Last week we did a maker activity in which the kids got to create life cycles. They also created a background and brainstormed how they wanted it all to come to life using a technology called Stop Motion Animation. Today each group took a succession of pictures of their life cycles progressing through the stages and created a video using the Stop Motion app (similar to Claymation) to make it all come to life in a video. They absolutely loved this and had fun being creative while demonstrating their understanding and application of life cycles in an authentic and meaningful way!

We are having a great week practicing and celebrating being an inclusive school! This morning’s activity was to make snowflakes, symbolizing how each child is unique and special and no two are exactly alike. The kids used their character trait artifact in their reading journal to rotate around and write a positive character trait on their friends’ snowflakes that they felt describes that friend. They loved seeing all the uplifting words kids had written on their snowflake when they went back to their spot!

We sure had a fun Friday! We started the day with a graphing activity that involved surveying with Miss McGraw's class in order to collect data for a graph. The kids had chosen a question to ask and had already surveyed our class, but we wanted larger numbers to work with now that they are such rockstars with graphs! They collected data and then each created their own graph. Then, it was onto our adaptation rotations! The kids got to learn about a different animal adaptation in each second grade class and how it helps that animal survive. In my class, the kids got to see what it was like to do different tasks like writing your names or stacking blocks with and without opposable thumbs! They had a blast, and I think they have a newfound appreciation for that fifth finger!
We are learning all about adaptations this week! The Perot Museum of Nature and Science came to us today and brought behavioral and structural adaptations to life. The kids even got to TOUCH a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (if they chose to)! It was definitely a highlight of the afternoon!