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Parent Input for Class Placements

Dear Hyer Parents,
I would like to begin by thanking you for a remarkable school year. Your support for our children, our teachers and our school helps create a unique learning environment for every Husky. We have reached the time of the school year where we solicit parent input regarding class placements for the upcoming school year. I assure you that we do our very best as we strive to place your child with the teacher and classmates that we feel will be the best fit for your child.
The option for providing parent input is a choice that we gladly extend to parents. This is not an enrollment requirement and many parents choose not to submit comments. However, we do want to provide parents a forum to share your thoughts regarding this important process. Some guidelines and leading questions have been included below:
1) In observing your child's personality and learning style, what characteristics do you see? To what type of learning environment does he/she respond best?
2) If applicable: Sometimes neighborhood friends can get "too much of a good thing."  If you feel your child would benefit from being in a separate class from one other student, please share with us and briefly give reasons.
3) What are strengths and characteristics of your child's past teacher(s) that were particularly beneficial to your son or daughter?
In keeping with tradition and established practices, Hyer policy allows parents to request one teacher that they feel would not be a good fit for their child. However, we do not honor parent requests for a specific teacher. Please refrain from requesting a teacher for your child.
You may email your class placement information to Hyer Counselor, Linde Thompson, at ThompsL@hpisd.org.
We ask that all parent input is received by FRIDAY, MAY 26th. Ms. Thompson will reply to each email regarding class placement information as an indication that she has received the request.
Please note that we do not keep parent feedback from previous school years.
Thank you for your continued partnership. The 2016-2017 school year has been another terrific year and I am looking forward to the wonderful prospects that the 2017-2018 school year is certain to bring.
Best regards,
Jeremy Gilbert