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Communications Guidelines

Corporate Sponsorships

Amy Barker, Communications Director, 

Jenifer Longhofer, Room Parent Chair, 

Elizabeth King, The Husky Herald eNews Chair,


Please contact the above Board members with any questions.

The Husky Herald

The weekly eNews, The Husky Herald, is the primary communication tool for the PTA.  The eNews is sent via email from the school office every Monday.  It contains information on both school and extracurricular activities.  Please be sure to read the eNews to ensure you are up-to-date on everything going on at our school.  Please make sure the office has your correct email address.

If you have been designated by the PTA or school administration, you may submit an article for eNews.  All submissions MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 9 am on Tuesday to be included in the next week's eNews.  For further details about a submission, please view the Online Submission Instructions.

Email Communication

The PTA requests that no mass emails be sent out without approval from the Communications Director, PTA President and/or Principal. Emails should not be used as a substitute for information in The Husky Herald.  Grade-specific emails can be sent from the office only.  To begin the approval process, please submit them to the Communications Director.


In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, handouts are kept to a minimum. Any handout should only be distributed via teachers if it cannot be uploaded to the website and printed at home as needed, i.e. A.L.L. brochures.  If you need a handout to be distributed, it must meet the following guidelines:

Handouts must originate from Hyer OR be a memo from the school district (not school district clubs);

AND be approved by the Hyer Office (Principal) and/or the PTA President

AND counted out by class

AND distributed to the teacher mailboxes in the office.

Please also provide a copy to Kim Shelton to have available in the office.  No handouts or flyers may be placed on any school windows.

Room Parent Communication

The Room Parents will only communicate information they receive from the Room Parent Chair, Jenifer Longhofer. Room Parent emails will be sent once or twice a month. Room Parent communications are not intended to replace the weekly eNews, but rather serve as a reminder for upcoming events as well as specific class and grade-level information. Please submit any items for the Room Parent emails to the Communications Director, Amy Barker, for approval.