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Are You Mad for Plaid?
What Every Parent Needs to Know About the Mad for Plaid Campaign
What is Mad for Plaid?
Mad for Plaid is a joint fundraiser between the PTA and the Highland Park Education Foundation that helps service the needs of all seven campuses, grades K-12.
Mad for Plaid organizes over 400 volunteers to help with the annual campaign. These volunteers come from all seven campuses, community, grandparents of HPISD students, and community neighbors.
Mad for Plaid makes a difference for our community because of your efforts!
Why does HPISD need to raise money?
Since the beginning of the Robin Hood program in 2001, HPISD has sent approximately $826 million, almost one billion dollars, in recaptured tax revenue to Austin, Texas.
HPISD budget shortfall is a result of a 72% recaptured tax revenue rate, which means our district sends 72 cents out of every tax dollar collected in our community to support less fortunate schools across Texas. This leaves HPISD with only 28% of our collected tax revenue, which equates to leaving us with only 28 cents of every dollar collected in our District to fund HPISD schools. 100% of Mad for Plaid Campaign Dollars Stay in HPISD!
How does the Mad for Plaid Campaign make a difference?
HPISD relies upon Mad for Plaid “private dollars” for 10% of their annual budget.
Your Mad for Plaid participation is essential in providing funding to:
  • Hire more teachers to maintain smaller classroom sizes and retain quality teachers by maintaining competitive salaries.
  • Enrich our teachers by allowing them to attend new training courses teaching them creative new ways to teach our children how to become critical and creative thinkers in the 21st century.
  • Place technology in the classrooms to enhance students learning experiences and modeling what it means to live in a digital world. This is why we need technology in all classrooms across the district.
How do we give to the Mad for Plaid Campaign?
Everyone’s participation, at any level, is important to the Mad for Plaid Campaign. Our goal is to increase the level of participation to 100%. Last year’s pledges ranged from $10 to $100,000.
Please look for your Mad for Plaid Campaign Packets to arrive in your mailbox in October.
Mad for Plaid gifts can be made in the form of cash, check, credit card, stock transfer, company match, pledge or online at: www.hpmadforplaid.org.
All donations at any monetary level are appreciated and collectively add up to big dividends for all seven campuses, grades K-12. School cannot be held as we know it today without Mad for Plaid funding.
Your Mad for Plaid participation is a vote of confidence for our teachers, administrators and our community!