Board Members, 2018-2019


A big Texas thank you to our Board for their hard work and dedication to Hyer!


President                                   Neely Thrash

President-elect                         Stacey Stoller

Technology                               Ashley Blanchette

Technology-elect                     Susan Zmigrosky

VSP                                             Lyndal Greth

VSP-elect                                   Margaret Kelley

School Grounds & Building      Dansby Erwin

Library                                        Erinn Zielke

Teacher Workroom                  Elizabeth King

Spirit Wear                                 Cindy Smith


Ways and Means                      Karin Shoffner

Auction                                      Alyson Booth

Auction                                      Laura Boynton

Carnival                                     Tammy Byrd

Carnival-elect                           Amanda Roeder

Fundraising                                Amy McNulty

Underwriting                              Leslie Carroll


Communications                      Amy Barker

Room Parent                             Courtney Zelazny

Husky Herald eNews                 Lisa Leet

Publicity                                     Pepper Bridges

Directory                                    Cassie Carnahan

Directory-elect                          Amanda Rockow

Yearbook                                   Jill Morrison

Special Recognition                 Courtney Laczkowski


Treasurer                                    Blythe Koch

Treasurer-elect                          Koren McGinnis

Supply Chair                              Stacey Beck

Supply Chair-elect                    Amy Gale


Cafeteria                                   Maryjane Bonfield

Cafeteria-elect                         Paige Sachs

Volunteer                                   Holly Lawrence

Volunteer-elect                         Kelley Green


Special Events                           Courtney Gerstenhaber

4th Grade Activities                  Ashley Allen

Project                                       Courtney Gilbert

Field Day                                    Kris Jefferies

Safety/Bike Rodeo                    Jenny Wood

Moms’ Night Out                       Meredith Finney


Outreach                                   Kate Bryant

Community Service                  Molly Schulte

Hospitality                                 Julie Mearns

Newcomers                               Kristi Berlin

PEC                                            Jennie Elverum

PEC-elect                                  Amanda Hamilton