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Fourth Grade Activities

4th Grade Activities
Paige Sachs, Director


Welcome to 4th Grade!

This is an exciting year with lots of fun events planned for all of our 4th Grade Hyer Huskies!  This site will be a great resource for parents to navigate the last year at Hyer.  Please check back soon for meeting dates, activity information, and important plans for the year.


2017-18 4th Grade Activities Committee


Paige Sachs– 4th Grade Activities Director



Parents’ Party – Saturday, September 23

Jeanie Denton  jeandenton@sbcglobal.net

Courtney Gilbert courtneycgilbert@gmail.com


Skit – Friday, March 2

Christine Danuser Christine@tatumbrown.com

Darla Haglund darlabush@hotmail.com

Courtney Laczkowski courtneygay@hotmail.com


Skit Lunch – Friday, March 2

Lauren Dewhirst L_dewhirst@hotmail.com

Angie Ratliff angieratliff@mac.com


Caravan – Wednesday, May 23

Erin Ballard erinballard@sbcglobal.net

Erika Ching ching@sbcglobal.net


Swim Party – Wednesday, May 23

Kristin Halsey halsey@hotmail.com

Holly Krug hollykrug@me.com


Picnic – Friday, May 25

Taryn Cooper taryncooper@me.com

Elizabeth McMillan elimccarty@sbcglobal.net


Baby Photos/Video

Deanna Carrell Deanna_carrell@yahoo.com

Courtney Westerburg cbwesterburg@gmail.com



Courtney Gerstenhaber Gerstenhaber@sbcglobal.net

Vicki Roy vickiaroy@gmail.com



Please contact Paige Sachs for more information, paigedsachs@yahoo.com.