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Fourth Grade Activities

                 4th Grade Activities

4th Grade Activities


Ashley Allen, 4th Grade Activities Chair, 2018-2019

Please contact Ashley at with any questions.


There are several exciting events that are planned exclusively for the 4th grade parents and students to celebrate their final year at Hyer.  One of the most memorable events is the 4th Grade Parents Skit.  The Skit Chairs, Christina Elmore, Ashlie Seabolt and Amy Vaughn, will be sending out further information, including Skit Lead opportunities, in September.


4th Grade Activity Calendar and Event Chairs, 2018-2019


Parent Information Meetings:

Fall:  Thursday, November 15, 8:30am in the Hyer Cafetorium

          Meeting Information:


Spring:  Tuesday, January 22, 8:30am in the Hyer Cafetorium


Parent Party:

Thank you to our Parent Party Chairs Amanda Gardner and Elizabeth Hunt for a great parent party on September 15!


Parent Skit:

Rehearsal & Public Show, Evening of Thursday, February 28

Parent Skit for Students, Morning of Friday, March 1

Skit Chairs:  Christina Elmore, Ashlie Seabolt and Amy Vaughn

Skit Lunch Chairs:  Brittany Crow and Denise Thayer


Caravan & Swim Party:

Wednesday, May 29, At Dismissal

Caravan Chairs:  Kesh Curtis and Jean Schendle

Swim Party Chairs:  Erin Duncan and Kelli Wagner


Student Performance, Family Picnic & Clap-Out:

Friday, May 31 on the last day of school


4th Grade Student Performance, Family Picnic & Clap Out:

Friday, May 31, 10:30am

Family Picnic Chairs:  Anna Graves and Katherine Lewis


4th Grade Baby Photos/Video:

The Baby Photo Bulletin Board and the Class Video are special 4th grade traditions at Hyer. We need your help to make them a success for our 4th graders this year!


Please submit the following for your child by December 21:

  1. One 4x6 physical photo of your child between the ages of 1 and 2 years old. YOU WILL NOT GET THIS PHOTO BACK. Please write the student’s name and teacher name on the back of the photo.These photos will be posted on the Baby Photo Bulletin Board in the 4th grade hallway at Hyer. Please submit by Friday, December 21st in the box in the front office.
  2. Upload THE SAMEbaby picture plus a recent photo to the folder titled "Individual Photos" by clicking on this link from a computer:  4th Grade Google Drive. Please name your files: Last Name, First Name, and then "1" for the baby photo, "2" for the recent photo. For example:
    PankratzLydia1 for the baby photo
    PankratzLydia2 for the recent photo
  3. Optional - Upload no more than five additional pictures of your child, preferably one from each grade at Hyer, into the correct grade level folder at this same link: 4th Grade Google Drive.  Each photo should be taken at a Hyer event (no club sports, scouts, etc.) and must include at least 3 students in the photo. 

    Please contact 4thGrade Baby Photo & Video Chairs, Gina Grove and Jennifer Pankratz, with any questions at

Chairs:  Jennifer Pankratz and Gina Grove


4th Grade T-shirts:

Chairs:  Cindy Smith and Sara White


4th Grade Yearbook Coordinators:

Chairs:  Tammy Ha and Susan Worrel