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Robert S. Hyer Elementary


2018 Hyer Auction Thank You Notes!

Thank you to our Committee Chairs and Raise the Roof Volunteers!  You were instrumental in helping this auction be a success.  


Specific thanks to Jeremy Gilbert for his leadership as Principal to guide us in making our Auction truly spectacular.


Dansby Erwin for always being there to support us and guide us through each stage in preparation for an amazing Auction.


Stacey Stoller for being a sounding board providing clear guidance and sheer excellence in proofreading!


Ashley Allen, Neely Thrash & Blythe Koch for their constant ability to answer any treasury questions and guide us towards our financial goals.


Kristin Halsey, Julianna LeBlanc & LeeAnn Tatum for sharing their creative minds to provide vision and turn Gilley's into the most fabulous venue in Dallas!  


Genny Montgomery, Layne Pitzer & Liz Young for putting together the Best Live Auction anywhere.


Hailey Lester & Cody Taliafero, Hyer's amazing Art team, for bringing their visions to life and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of Art with all Hyer students for Auction!


Jessica Sturdivant for coordinating Grade Level Art and helping to make it truly remarkable!  


Corinne Moore & Jean Schedule for successfully executing the raffle and raffle parties and making the 2-week process run smoothly.


Brittany Crow, Kesh Curtis, Amanda Hibbard, Corinne Moore, Jennifer Pankratz, & Jean Schendle for stuffing all of the raffle packets.


Courtney Gerstenhaber, Dansby Erwin, Stacey Stoller & Neely Thrash for their daily help picking up raffle packets and counting raffle tickets.


Matt Schendle & Taylor Hunt for enthusiastically supporting Raffle by dressing as Balto!


Margot & Lillie Schendle, Perri & Dylan Moore, Hailey & Wilson Hunt, Kylie and Matthew Mearns holding signs outside when it was freezing and memorizing announcement lines for Raise the Roof Raffle.


Norma Olsen for her direction and guidance on the Morning Announcements. 


Molly Shulte, Jacque Marvin & Meredith Finney for knocking it out of the park with the first ever Reverse Raffle.


Ryan Marvin for creating a masterpiece for the Reverse Raffle ladies to use during the auction


Molly Sealy, Jennifer Pankratz & Melissa Gerhauser for their amazing job with gathering and inputting all of our wonderful online auction items.  


The entire Solicitations Committee including Emily Belf, Traci Clancy, Allyson Greenfield, Melissa Holland, Amy McEvoy, Julie Rado & Brooke Tinch for collecting all of the awesome online items. 


Claire Swope, Jennifer Carlson, Genny Montgomery & Susan Frymire for being a fabulous invitation stuffing team. Special shout-out to George Hunt for his important calculations!


Christina Elmore, Ashley Allen, Dansby Erwin, Genny Montgomery & Michelle McArtor who helped stuff the party favors.


Meredith Turner for her countless hours creating the adorable certificates for the Auction Items.


Amy McNulty & Ashley Blanchette for helping us with our website and answering technology questions for us.


Ashlie Seabolt for keeping everyone updated through the eNews and our website.


Amanda Hamilton & Susan Frymire for capturing all of the wonderful moments throughout our Auction journey


Kelsie Sumner for organizing Teacher Gifts of Time.


Sarah Miller & Kathryn Sumner for their amazing job with our Auction slideshow. 


Kristin Baker for keeping track of our numbers and organizing our reservations.  


Mandy & Tiffany for coming up with fun ideas for Grade Level Parties!


Kim Shelton, Laura Scott & Ashlie Seabolt for their support and help to communicate information with Hyer Teachers and Families. 


Meredith Clark for all of her design ideas, time and energy getting our printed materials ready for Auction.  We couldn't do it without you.


Kristin Halsey for our beautiful Raise the Roof Auction Bulletin Boards.  Thanks for helping us get excited!


Amy Barker & Ashley Coleman for all of their time helping gather Online Auction logos over the break.


Sara Miller, Ashley Allen & Dana Donahoe for picking up items when we couldn't.


All the Committee Chairs & Alison Malone who helped us set up Gilley's the day of Auction. And special thanks to the Decorations Team who put in a very long day to make sure the venue was party ready!


Jacque Marvin for bringing snacks on Auction day for the team setting up.


Mrs. Floyd for unloading Auction day supplies and providing a fabulous lunch for all of the helpers.


Thank you to all Hyer Families and Hyer Staff for their devotion to our great School and helping us Raise the Roof!



Elizabeth Hunt and Julie Mearns

2018 Auction Co-Chairs