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Finding A Sub

  1. If you are not able to make your shift, it is your responsibility to find a sub. 
  2. After you find a sub, please let your Day Captain know who will be filling your shift.
  3. Please reach out early to find a sub as it is easier to get someone to volunteer. We know things can come up at the last minute or kids can get sick, but please be prepared to start calling subs if this occurs. It is not the responsibility of your Day Captain to find you a sub.


Methods to Find a Sub

  1. Text of call your friends to see if they can work for you or trade shifts. Friends are the ones most likely to help when you are in a bind.
  2. Email the “hyerneighborhoodmoms” google group with your request.
  3. Propose a trade. Contact people that work on your day of the week but on a different week in the month. They are more likely to be able to switch days with you since they are free on that day of the week for their shift.
  4. Be proactive
    1. Have a buddy system in place from the beginning of the year. Have a friend or neighbor that works on a different day be “on-call” for you in case of a last minute emergency or illness.
    2. If it is not an emergency, but a shift you now you will not be able to work, start searching for your sub early. This allows your sub time to adjust his or her schedule.


Important Information 

  1. All subs must have had a current background check, which occurred during BSSU 2019-2020 if you provided your information. This is necessary in order to be allowed to volunteer on the Hyer campus.


Thank you for volunteering in the cafeteria. We appreciate your monthly commitment to help serve our students lunch. If you have any questions, please contact Kelley Green at