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Day Captains

Cafeteria Day Captain Guidelines
THANK YOU for leading your day!!! You are appreciated! This page will give you the information you will need to serve. Please familiarize yourself with this packet and be prepared to help orient your team at 10:15 a.m. on your first day in the cafeteria.
  1. The new software system will send out automatic reminders to your shift 7 days in advance. Please follow that up with an e-mail or phone call confirming they are coming or have a substitute.  The new system will start to work but in the beginning, there are always hiccups! You can request subs on-line but it is not automatic, they must make sure someone accepts their request.  
  2. You will be declared a shift leader.  Please refer to the tutorial at , you will be able to manage your shift through the software! Every shift begins at 10:30 am and ends at approximately 1:00 pm. This is earlier; please emphasize with your shift the importance on being on time!
  3. This year, we are asking the DC to call when someone is late.  Please come to the cafeteria with your shifts contact numbers and start calling if they are not there. Sometimes people do just forget!  If you have a no-show, then you are to call the cafeteria chair who is on-call your day.  That will be posted in the café.
  4. If you are requiring a sub for your shift, please give your sub a list of everyone working your
  5. Introduce yourself, Donna and Jackie to your shift for until everyone started to recognize one another. We may not have updated nametags that first month or two.
  6. Lead your team by following the set guidelines and don’t be hesitant to ask someone to please change their gloves or whichever guideline is not being followed.
  7. Set expectations with your shift to communicate with you: They must call YOU as soon as they think they may not be there at their
    scheduled shift.  They are expected to give you the name and phone number of the person THEY have found to substitute for them. It is not your job to help them find someone to trade with them.• If a team member is unable to find a substitute, you will need to notify the Cafeteria Co-Chair/s immediately.  A board member will have to then call potential substitutes or come in themselves for the absent member of your team. If your shift understands this, hopefully, they will start calling friends to trade or fill in as soon as they think they may miss.• There is no official substitute list, but online they will be able to request a sub. Please encourage them to do this as soon as they can.  Even if they know they are out of town in 2 months, someone else may have the same issue and need to switch.  The best place to start is still with friends/ classmates. Then go to the system & start with their day, ie switch with another person who works on their same day of the week. Another option is to ask their spouse to fill in for them that day.  Due to safety concerns, NO NANNIES OR HOUSEKEEPERS are permitted to serve in the cafeteria.
  8. Please have the team members that are serving ice cream for the day help the kindergarteners and first graders open lunch items, pass out napkins and straws.
  9. Lastly,  HAVE FUN and Encourage your team to stay for lunch it is their benefit for working and a
    chance to get to know one another!