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Cafeteria Cashiers

Cafeteria Cashier Volunteer Procedures 

1) BE ON TIME 10:30 A.M. – The first students through the line NEED you and it is a courtesy to your fellow volunteers.  If you are late and the first class comes through, we are already scrambling to find someone to cover for you.  If you are late and don’t call, it makes it hard on everyone.

2) Find a sub when you are unable to work – Again, your children need you and the fellow volunteers appreciate it.  You must let your day captain know who is coming in your place.  It is your responsibility to make sure your shift is covered. 

3) Please do not bring purses, cell phones or other personal items behind the serving line.  If you bring them, please understand we are NOT responsible for these items, so it is best to leave them at home.  There are delivery men and other workers coming in and out of the cafeteria and it is NOT safe to leave any personal belongings by Donna’s desk or by the aprons.  Donna cannot be responsible for any items.

4) No eating or drinking on the line, in the kitchen, or while cashiering.  We encourage you to stay and eat lunch after serving and visit with your fellow volunteers.  Your lunch “benefit” is only for you as a volunteer working for the cafeteria on your assigned day.  It is not transferable to your child or another day when you are not volunteering in the cafeteria.

5) There are no exchanges or variations on the set lunch other than plain PB for PB&J or PB or PB&J for turkey sandwiches.  Exceptions may be made for students with allergies or vegetarian students.

6) On Fridays only, kindergartners get ice cream on their tray as part of their lunch for no extra charge. 1st grade students also get ice cream with their set lunch but they will receive a token and can then choose their ice cream (it is still part of the set lunch, so there is no extra charge for the token).

7) Kindergartners and 1st graders can buy ice cream on Fridays if they brought their lunch from home.  On a few other days throughout the year, there will be a special dessert with the kindergartner and 1st grade set lunch, and on those days, students CANNOT buy just the dessert.

8) For 2nd-4th grade, students can only purchase one entrée or one roll at a time.  They can come back later for second helpings, unless one of the staff has said otherwise.  No third portions are permitted unless it is fruit or vegetables.

9) Please do not take extra food (especially chips or ice cream) to your child if they have a set lunch (K and 1st grade).  It is unfair to the others.

10) Once you enter the child’s numbers in, always make sure that the name matches the account number they gave you.

11) We are on the district server, so if there is a lot of activity, it can slow us down for a few seconds at times.  If you hit a button and it doesn’t respond, please wait for it to catch up. 

12) If you leave the register to visit children in the dining area, wash your hands before returning to the register.

13) You can NOT touch any food as a cashier.  If you do, you MUST wash hands immediately.

14) If a child’s account reflects a negative balance, use the OD keys to approximate the charge/s as close as you can to the actual cost of the lunch. Please do not point out to them that their account is in the negative to avoid embarrassing them.  A negative account is a parent’s issue, not a child’s.

15) Parents may put restrictions on their child's lunch accounts.  Please be mindful of pop up messages that occur after the students' ID is entered and do not sell them the item.