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Cafeteria Negative Balance Policy

The cafeteria offers the cafeteria account payment option as a convenience to the students and parents and, in turn, asks that parents help support the cafeteria’s efforts to keep a balanced budget by keeping their student’s cafeteria account balance positive at all times. The first time a student’s cafeteria account reaches a balance of negative $25, the account will be closed until payment is made. The second time a student’s cafeteria account balance reaches negative $25, the account will be permanently closed for the remainder of the school year and the student will only be allowed to use cash for purchases in the cafeteria. 

To help avoid negative account balances, the cafeteria encourages parents to set up their student’s cafeteria account so that (1) the parent will receive low balance notifications, and (2) the account will be replenished automatically by a certain amount once the account reaches a negative balance. For these settings to become active, the parent must select them through Skyward Family Access. Please see directions above.