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Summer Lindsay » Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Third Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Third Grade Class

It's time for an amazing 2016-2017 school year in third grade at Hyer!
We will have fun, work hard, and build great relationships over the next few months.
I always look forward to the beginning of the school year!
I will watch my third graders from last year grow as they head to fourth grade and anticipate getting to know the 2nd graders entering third. (:
It's going to be a great year GO FOR THE GOLD!

Mrs. Summer Lindsay

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Expository Writing

Okay....So I need all of the parents to know how proud I am of your amazing kiddos. We started our expository writing unit last week, and their papers, which are still a work in progress, are AWESOME! I told them I was going to show them off to the fourth grade teachers because they were writing like 4th graders. (: 
Writing is not every child's favorite subject, but they are ALL proving that they can do it. Woohoo!
Love-Mrs. Lindsay

MAP test

Your child is taking the MAP test this week, which is the computer based test that gives national norms for reading and math.  Results will be sent home on Friday of this week.  Please be looking for these results in your child’s binder and feel free to contact me about any questions you might have.  I’m anticipating a lot of growth. (: They have worked hard this year.

Thank You

I wanted to say thank you for supporting our school with our Read On Hyer initiative these past few weeks! Also, our Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success! We had some gracious students who purchased books for our class as well. Woohoo! Our classroom also received multiple books to put in our listening station thanks to your scholastic book orders this month. We greatly appreciate your support. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, please know that we are thankful for YOU!


Most students received their MAP data sheets for their Fall 2016 Reading/Math scores according to the MAP test. This is one of many assessments that we use to drive our instruction as well as monitor student progress. The blue bar on the first page lists their map score for the Fall 16 test. You will see that the graphs also includes past years' scores as well. The second page lists areas of individual growth (yellow) and individual strengths (green) for various content areas.
In addition to these MAP scores, your child's BAS reading level was also handwritten at the bottom on the page, which will state whether your child is reading above, on, or below grade level according to the BAS test, one of the many reading assessments that we use.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call/email/or confer.
Thanks-Summer Lindsay

Great Day

We had a substitute teacher in our classroom today, and the class received the most glowing report from her at the end of the day! We also received some huge compliments from other staff members around the school as well. I think true character is what you do when "the teacher" isn't looking.....which means they are AMAZING!
Wanted to share-Mrs. Lindsay

Picture Day and Field Trip

Our picture day is WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 21ST. This is an assigned day for our class, not schoolwide. (: 
Also, we have a field trip on THURSDAY, SEPT. 22ND, so please make sure your child has a sack lunch and water for the trip. (Most of the trip is outdoors.)
Thanks-Summer Lindsay

Keyboarding Skills

Thanks for coming out last night to Curriculum Night!
We had a great discussion about keyboarding skills in school, and I had mentioned a program called learning.com. Since then, I have set up their student log-ins, assigned home row, upper row, and lower row lessons, and added some keyboarding drills. (: I will have the students log in today so they know what to do, but please feel free to log in at home for at-home practice.
Thanks-Summer Lindsay


Welcome to third grade!

It was so nice to see everyone last night. Thanks for coming.

I’m head over heels in love with your kids already! It’s going to be a great year.

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