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Summer Lindsay » Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Third Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Third Grade Class

It's time for an amazing 2017-2018 school year in third grade at Hyer!
We will have fun, work hard, and build great relationships over the next few months.
I always look forward to the beginning of the school year!
I will watch my third graders from last year grow as they head to fourth grade and anticipate getting to know the 2nd graders entering third. (:
It's going to be a great year HYER IS HOME!

Mrs. Summer Lindsay

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Pledge for Announcements

November 13-17 is our assigned week to say the pledges over the school wide announcements. (: Please make sure that your child is on time to school this week so they get their chance to shine. 
Summer Lindsay

Nov 8th

Wednesday is Thanksgiving Day in the cafeteria!!!

ONLY set hot lunches are available for ALL students on this day. Salad bar will not be open, no sandwiches, chips or ice cream available. If they bring lunch from home, No single items will be sold except for beverages and pumpkin pie.

3rd and 4th grade will have a choice between peach cobbler and pumpkin pie but that’s it.

Thanks-Donna and cafeteria

Hello Hyer!  We are so excited to start the 21 Day Challenge!  

Booklets with more info will go home today.

Parents can sign up today through October 8th.  The Challenge starts on October 9th and finishes on the 29th.  The last most important step is for their parents to take the survey at the end of the challenge which is what determines the winner!  We will remind everybody at that time! 

Hopefully we will defend our title and bring the trophy and Leo the Lion back to Hyer! Have a great week!


Bike Rodeo

Picnic at 11:55 on west lawn near cafeteria
Ride at 12:45 on Colgate
Hope to see you there!

Curriculum Night

 THIS Thursday is Curriculum Night. The school is open at 6pm but third grade classes aren't presenting till 6:30pm. See you then!